Ludus in fabula

Ludus in fabula

Tour - Pompeii Ruins
Naples, Campania - ITALY

  • Duration: 90 min.

For schools: Euro 200.00 per class group
Info and booking:

Languages: italian, english

Guided digital tour accompanied by a specialist

The life of children in the ancient world is told to children. In one of the most famous archaeological areas in the world, the operator will lead the little ones to discover the city, telling them about the monuments, houses and streets and letting them imagine how childhood was in Pompeii, from birth to maturity. The instructional operator will illustrate a series of objects that reproduce some ancient toys such as dolls, carts, dice, nuts, waxed tablets, with the aim of involving the participants in the dynamics and functioning of the different games. The world of children, but also the family and society that move around them, are the object of this experience.

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