History of a Palace

History of a Palace

Tour - The Venaria Reale
Venaria Reale, Piemonte - ITALY

  • Duration: 45 min.

For schools: Euro 130.00 per class group
Info and booking: edu@coopculture.it

For groups: Euro 200.00
Participants: up to 15
Info and booking: tour@coopculture.it

Languages: italian, english

Guided digital tour accompanied by a specialist

The Royal Palace, built between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries for the Savoy family, is a masterpiece of Baroque art. Through its history and its protagonists, the Royal Palace tells the story of the Piedmont territory in the period that first saw Turin as the capital of the Savoy Duchy and then of the Kingdom of Sardinia: the absolute monarchy and the French occupation, the abandonment of the Residence and the major restorations. Crossing the Royal Palace and its magnificent gardens, participants will discover how the Royal Palace of Venaria also witnesses how much our present has its roots in the past.

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