Jewish Museum of Venice

The Jewish Ghetto of Venice, the oldest in the world, was established in 1516 and remained an area of the city inhabited by Jews until the arrival of the French in 1797. In nearly three centuries of history, it welcomed Jews from different parts of Europe and Italy: each of these groups brought to Venice a heritage of history, knowledge, skills and traditions that have given prestige and expanded the cultural landscape of the Serenissima. Today, walking through the “calli” of the Ghetto allows visitors to retrace the history of these communities and the places of worship they founded.

A visit to the Jewish Museum of Venice is a genuine trip back in time. We will tell you the story of a culture that goes back thousands of years, a hoard of art and beauty just in the heart of Venice!


Midor ledor, from generation to generation

Tour - Jewish Museum of Venice

Duration: 45 min.